Of Love & Grace

Of Love & Grace

Of Love & Grace

What’s your relationship with love and grace?!

Are you giving them space?!

We live in unprecedented times. Times when it isn’t easy to think, let alone, practice love, grace, ease.

There is pressure to move on, hurry, succeed at all costs…And the fight or flight response is at a ready.

Fight or flight doesn’t know love. It is unavailable for grace. It’s been trained to push, compete, hurry.

When life becomes challenging and overwhelming, give yourself some space.

Stop, breathe, connect.

Give yourself some time to process, to feel, to be.

Instead of running to the next task as a way to escape the inescapable, stop and be.

Hear yourself out.

Honour your needs.

Not in some wishy washy I-love-myself-and-I-am-all-about-self-care vacuous narrative, but really stop and allow.

You’ve been running away for so long.

And the metaphorical marathon may have brought on exhaustion, lethargy, light depression even.

There is no need to push nor force the journey.

Look around. Which direction are you choosing, and most importantly, HOW are you choosing it?!

From the place of fear. Or the place of love.

Be gentle. Cut yourself some slack. Breathe in. Choose love.

Lidija xx


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