W O M A N ❤️

Ladies, let’s cut to the chase and get clear on one thing — until women get really together and start really collaborating and supporting each other in an authentic and true manner, until they take their masks off, they’ll always be blaming the society, patriarchy and everyone else.

Some women, from what I’ve seen and experienced, still dress up, show up, look the part, but don’t feel the part! They act from the place of open wounds. Some of them look as if they’ve just stepped out of a high school arena – they bully, gossip and play cheap games with a plethora of hidden agendas, they are malicious and often times cover their real intentions by hiding behind fake smiles, while simmering in their own unhappiness.

It pains me to see how scared some of them are to take their masks off, afraid to face themselves, their truth, their essence, and instead they choose to live in the illusion of their own self-importance on steroids waxing lyrical about women empowerment and other narratives that happen to be trending.

Let me break it down to you – feminism is slowly killing the feminine. This world doesn’t need empowered women! It needs gentle, integrated, wholesome, wise, confident and women who are not afraid to take their masks off and live in truth and integrity! It needs women, who are ready to dig deep and heal! It needs women who are willing to embrace vulnerability and use it as a force for good.

Happy is today and every day when we dare to live the highest expression of our Soul! May we rise in integrity authenticity and truth!

The Queen in me salutes the Queen in you! I love you and invite you to hustle gently and grow wealthy, in all ways always!



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