Seat at A Table

Seat at A Table

Seat at A Table

When you don’t have a seat at a table you ask yourself the following:

Do I need to be at this table?!

Does this table bring any value to me?!

Can this table see the value I can bring to it?!

Do my values, experience, visions match those at the table?!

What part of me is not healed and desperately needs to belong when she is not wanted?!

Take some time to consider these questions and I guarantee you you won’t want to drag a chair/couch/table extension and try to desperately fit in!

You won’t even need to get a bigger table. That’s small vision and limited thinking vibe.

You’ll take some time, gather resources and build a fucking empire where everyone who is aligned and see the value you bring at a metaphorical table will be welcome 🌎

And if the head of the table doesn’t understand the importance of diversity, inclusion and belonging, what’s the point of the freaking table?! 🙆🏻‍♀️

Let me break it down to you Queen:

👭Diversity means having a seat at a table

👭Inclusion means having a voice at the table

👭Belonging means having that voice heard.

There is no need to push ourselves and try to belong at all costs.

We are wise wealthy modern women and not an adult version of A Gossip Girl cast full of unresolved issues.

Fuck that! No one has time for that crap! 🙅🏻‍♀️

Wholesome integrated women don’t need to prove anything to anyone. They don’t beg. They don’t play games. 🤦🏻‍♀️

They hustle gently and grow their wealth in all ways – always!👸🏻

Let’s start a conversation ❤️



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