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Workshop: Heal your money story and start growing your business

Grow Wealthy, Woman ❤️

Women and money…A very interesting topic and one that, I am proud to say, I’ve mastered. Antopic around which I am at ease and peace.

Unfortunately though, women, since time immemorial, have had a very interesting relationship with money. And while our female ancestors had somewhat limited choices and options, I believe that in today’s day and age, we have myriad of choices and options and if we are serious about taking our lives to the next level, we could attain financial independence relatively easily, by relying on our own intelligence, resources and strengths…But first, we owe it to ourselves to heal our money story, first and then educate ourselves.

However, I am aware that this is easier said than done, especially when it comes to women in the ex-Yu region. Why?!

Because, women in that region have, over time, been programmed that it’s more beneficial to invest in yourself externally (clothes, bags, make up, cosmetic surgery), rather than internally (personal development, financial literacy, mindset).

When I deliver courses in the region, the most common questions I get, are – ‘How long will it take me to get to where you are now, Lidija, and can I get a discount, or preferably get your courses for free?!’ These questions make me laugh, and at the same time, make me very sad.

One cannot wish to become wealthy and at the same time be reluctant to invest in a course or product that can potentially help them create a wealth mindset, that can help them build a profitable business.

Money loves generosity. It goes, stays and grows where it knows it will be treated generously. If you want to get money, you must be willing to give generously.

To this day I invest in my own growth and in my business. I have a business coach and a mentor.

Most women still live in a fake it till you make it bubble, and instead of investing their precious time in educating themselves on the subject of money and themselves, they waste it on fluffy ‘passive income’ fairy tales, without realising that there is no such thing as a ‘passive income’, you still have to work for it, curate it, help it grow, give it time, space, energy.

Money loves clarity. A lot of female entrepreneurs, coaches, trainers, prefer to attain a celebrity status parading photos instead of focusing on generating income.

Notice how I don’t post photos from my bespoke seminars and trainings. I respect the privacy of my clients.
I sign NDA (non disclosure agreement) which allows me to charge premium for my services.
Most photos you see of me, are those from the events organised by others, where I am a guest speaker, or those of my free events. These days I prefer working with high net worth clients, and women who are serious and committed.

When I stopped being there for everyone, and got clear on in which direction I want my business to go, I experienced a massive growth!

Money makes you more of who and what you are meant to be, and as such it is important to be aligned. Fully aligned and act from integrity. Not empowered! But aligned and fully integrated.

I deliver seminars and talks only on the subjects in which I am an expert. I don’t dabble. I don’t teach weightloss, even though I know how to. I have an experience on the subject (I lost 44kg and kept them off) and an army of women who have lost the weight, but their weight came off as a collateral. They didn’t come to me to coach them how to lose weight, they came because they noticed something else was missing from their lives…and the weightloss happened as a happy collateral. I teach this at the Momentum Money Mastermind, more details below.

I talk about the difference between being empowered and bring aligned and go deep with practical exercises and intelligent strategies, on the subject of manifesting and creating in my popular Momentum Money Mastermind that shifts outdated beliefs, stories and identities around money and help people create wealth intelligently (autumn online edition of this popular mastermind will be launched ‪on October 21, 2019‬). Feel free to sign up via my website to get on the pre-sale waiting list (info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)momentum-strategies.com)

It’s easier than ever before to live a life you are meant to be living, it has never, in the history of humanity, been as easy as it is now to thrive and be peaceful about and around money.

The question is – how serious are you about it?!
My mission is to leave a legacy of aligned, integrated and wealthy women who serve as an example of what is possible.

I am living my mission and I get to see women live their dreams, helping, supporting, mentoring other women globally.

It takes a village! Will you join our #hustlegently revolution and heal your money story and pave the way for the future generations of female leaders.

Hustle gently and grow wealthy,