Popcorn for the Soul – The Art of Being Bored

Popcorn for the Soul – The Art of Being Bored

I am very proud to share with you this article, that has been published on Thrive Global, a platform created by Arianna Huffington!

Why boredom is the luxury you cannot afford to be without
How often do you allow yourself to be bored? Like really bored? You know, in the good old days where social media didn’t reign supreme and when we had to get creative if we wanted to escape boredom…

In the world where external validation is the thing for many, where every segment of one’s life is expected to be showcased and documented, days, hours, minutes reserved for boredom are far and few between, and yet, it is precisely boredom that breeds creativity, new ideas, dream creation that is uniquely yours.

You see, if you cultivate a mind that craves new stimulation every 3-15 seconds, if you fill every moment of your waking hours with external stimulation you will deprive yourself, not just of boredom, but also of the capability to think any thought that requires more than a fraction of your real capacity.

And you risk missing out big time on the non-digital world; you know, the one with flesh and blood friends and other people in it (if you remember?)

Allow yourself to get bored. Give yourself time to hang out with yourself.

Experiment what it feels like to go within for inspiration. Dive deep and experience the vastness of you.

Boredom – it’s the new social!

Happy full moon and the lunar eclipse!



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