Popcorn for the Soul – June and You

Popcorn for the Soul – June and You

June and You

So here we are, half way through the year, and while most people are in the Wow-time-flies vibe, I’d like to share with you some of the questions I use with my private clients and in my private mentoring groups.

They will inspire you to evaluate your life and plan on your next power moves.

These questions require all of you and your total honesty.

I suggest you sit yourself in front of the mirror while you go through them.

You see, the world we live in is filled with promises and instant fixes – from instant coffees to instant millionaires.

Which brings me to critical thinking – a skill, most people have forgotten to cultivate.

Collective hypnosis does that to humans.

It takes away the choice, and offloads fear.

And I get it, marketing is important, but what kind of marketing?!

The one that plays on fears, doubts, insecurities, or the conscious one, the one that recognises the above and actually offers long term sustainable solutions while respecting the intelligence and integrity of a person.

So if you feel like half a year is behind you, and you are not where you thought you should be by now, I ask you to be brutally honest with yourself. No judgement, no shade, just plain sheer honesty.

Gift yourself the gift of honesty and integrity and ask yourself the following:

– What have I been avoiding?!

– What have I chosen to not see?!

– How have I been lying to myself?!

– Who/what have I given my power to?!

– Where have I chosen to invest my energy?!

– Is this a pattern?! If so, where else does it show?!

Hustle gently and enjoy the process and let me know if any of the above questions hold a key to your current situation.


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