S T O P & S T A R T || Before you start, dare to stop

Stop punishing yourself.

Stop trying too hard.

Stop comparing and competing.

Stop copying.

Stop restricting.

Instead, take some time to be with yourself.

Winter officially started just over 3 weeks ago. We are still in hibernation season… Reflect, strategise and plan…

Start going within.

Start a journey of self enquiry.

Start the process of unbecoming so that you can be who you really are behind all those layers.

Start healing that part of you that’s ready to heal.

Start reclaiming you! The whole of you! Every molecule of you!

And don’t rush! Instead choose to trust!

Trust that your soul knows the perfect timing.

So don’t bully yourself into growth, achievement, success!

Stop the cycle of being harsh to yourself! Instead, respect the sacredness of your soul!

Your soul knows!

In this year and beyond,I pray you connect with yourself so that you start feeling things you’ve never felt before.

I pray you start a journey of self exploration that will allow you to experience things you’ve never experienced before.

I pray you live life you are immensely proud of and even if you don’t I hope you find a strength deep within to start again.

For what it’s worth, it’s never too late to be who you truly want to be.

I for one thank my lucky stars to have granted me a privilege to grow into the finest version of myself…and the growth and expansion continue

On that note, here’s to a bullshit free year, and a year full of integrity and authenticity!

Hustle gently!


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