Popcorn for the Soul – Innovation Rules

Popcorn for the Soul – Innovation Rules

Hey guys,

This little nugget got noticed, and got us not one, but two gigs during the INAT Summit 2018.
INAT Summit is a Tech conference. Bringing experts from the fields of IT, AI, VR from across the globe, showcasing the latest trends in cutting edge technologies.

And you may ask – WTF? You guys are NLP trainers and Coaches, what are you doing at the Tech conference…

Glad you asked!!!

So here it goes…

Last year, with our partner from Hong Kong, we created a product that allows people to experience NLP form the comfort of their own home.

This is a revolutionary product as no one before us has created anything similar.. so needless to say, it got noticed and we were invited to present it as the NLP Conference in London where it got rave reviews. This lead to us being featured in the Rapport magazine – a leading publication for NLP professionals.

As visionaries, innovators and people who are always looking for ways to improve the game of accelerated learning and rapid transformation, it is no surprise that new edge technology is where we look at for inspiration.

You see, our aim is not to create an army of people who can call themselves NLP practitioners/masters/trainers, who show up teaching NLP, (a methodology that is fluid, live, spontaneous), with already prepared and carefully drawn and curated flip charts Our aim is to transfer what we know, create contexts for people to explore and use NLP in whatever life situations they want to improve or accelerate.

Hence, our infatuation with all things Tech and digital.

We love how new advancements in technology and NLP can work together to bring a novel, fast and smart way to learn and get results.

The summit was a blast. We spoke about what we do, we shared what is needed to take an idea off the ground, run a successful business and startup. As this is what we are passionate about and what helps our clients thrive.

Lidija’s talk got the audience buzzing and together with another female speaker, she was voted INAT Woman 2018.

Thank you INAT Summit organisers for another great event!

It is always an honour to serve and share with an audience who gets what the next big thing is!

So guys, if you are looking for the next big thing in personal development, accelerated learning, rapid transformation and smart entrepreneurship, look no further – we are the next big thing. We are Momentum!

Keep innovating, keep exploring, and stay curious!

And since we are on the subject of innovation and all things creative, what percentage of your working day do you spend creating new content? Is your environment conducive of creativity? If you do, great! And if you don’t what needs to happen for your creative and innovative juices to flow? Have you outgrown your current set up? Have your wings become big and are looking for bigger wider open spaces? And most importantly, what do you need to believe in order to soar! Eagle height and hawk eye!

Lidija and Thomas

P.S. We are proud to say that our Brussels NLP event is sold out. Keep your eyes peeled for the dates of the next one!


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