Popcorn for the Soul – Comfortably Comfortable

Popcorn for the Soul – Comfortably Comfortable

Over the years, the concept of comfort zone has gotten a really bad rap.

You hear about it, and everyone in the room turns their head in disgust😉

Some people have made it their life’s work to go around and scare people by portraying poor old comfort zone as something to run away from without thinking.

Fear-mongering is such an old paradigm, so it’s a no surprise that we have more and more disillusioned people and people who are searching for a gentler and easier way of being and accomplishing.

With this in heart, I invite you to consider the following…

Imagine having to live your life as a constant struggle, moving from one hardship to another, never experiencing joy, never seeing the light at the end of a tunnel… That wouldn’t be much fun, would it?

You would essentially spend your whole precious life dealing with emergencies and sorting out various crises. There wouldn’t be much space for joy either. So every so often, it pays off to stay in the comfort zone, to regroup, to explore, to luxuriate in the zone of what is familiar and enjoy the freedom it offers.

Remember, your comfort zone started as unfamiliar, you had to work for it, so you might as well enjoy it until you outgrow it…

Once you feel it is becoming too constricted, you will naturally want to move and expand, as our capacity for expansion is in direct proportion to that of the Universe. The Universe is expanding and so are we.

The sooner you get this into your body, heart and mind the sooner you’ll start being at ease and in the flow with what is. Embrace your comfort zone and use it as launching pad for your dreams and creations!

And remember: your brain works better when you are relaxed and when you feel safe. Fear is the enemy of creativity. Stress and duress reduce the brain to its default mode – constriction, lack and not enough.

I have explored this concept and subsequent critique of the comfort zone over the years and have found that our productivity skyrockets when we enjoy the freedom, space and expansiveness that you can find in comfort.

Comfort gives you the freedom to think and plan and follow through in a relaxed fashion. Granted, there are some situations that absolutely require of us to leave the comfort. Consider procrastination… When do you know that you are procrastinating and that it is time to leave the comfort and take action?! You feel unease, lethargy, you distract yourself with meaningless activities, in order not to do something.

So the point is to really get to know where your comfort zone edges are, you recognise them and your snap out of them…And until that happens, enjoy being, creating, living and hustling gently in the comfort of your zone!

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