Popcorn for the Soul – Love Thyself

Popcorn for the Soul – Love Thyself

L O V E T H Y S E L F || Those who know me, will know that I am not a big fan of following the form, commercial celebrations of anything, including today’s day. Over time I’ve learnt that following the form and celebrating ‘love’ one day a year leaves you feeling high and dry, empty and kind of flat…

As I am obsessed with all things extraordinary, different, practices that don’t follow the norm and uniformity, practices that disrupt the sameness and boring predictability, few years ago I chose to experiment with self love. And I am not talking about the proverbial and much used and abused and über bastardised love and light shenanigans. I am talking about checking in with myself and giving myself what I need, honouring myself, nourishing myself first. Taking it easy, hustling gently! Being. Breathing. Celebrating me. This in turn resulted in healthy happy wholesome relationships with others and a healthy joyful relationship with a wholesome me.

I stopped following blindly everything that everyone else recommended and started practicing discernment. I became choosy. I started being very careful who I let into my space. I stopped over sharing, I kept my precious intimate thoughts for myself and my inner circle, as over time I got to realise that not everyone deserves my truth, not everyone can be trusted with it. I started practicing me. I started paying attention to how I feel. How I show up for myself. How I honour and respect me.

I started giving to me. I became curious about me. And if you my darling are thinking that this is selfish, let me make it easy for you! You can love others fully, without expectations and without that horrid feeling of ‘giving too much’, only when you have learnt how to give to yourself, once you have mastered the game of inner deep self love. Once you have become a self love Ninja.

It is amazing how much spaciousness you experience once you give in, and surrender, once you start honouring your own needs. Once you start putting yourself first.

I’ve experienced love that I’ve never experienced before, love that I only read about! I experienced that kind of love that is free from deservedness. Love that is abundant, pure and sacred. Love that offers freedom.

And so today I celebrate love. Yesterday I celebrated love. And tomorrow and in days to follow I’ll continue celebrating love.

Love for myself, love for my fellow humans, love for my amazing tribe, love for my smooth and delicious cup of coffee. Love in all its forms!
So my fellow passengers, if you are tired of looking for love on the outside, go within, ask yourself what it is you need, honour yourself and love yourself enough, to gift to yourself precisely that what you need! Oh, and be sure to share your love with someone who totally appreciates you, rather than look for love to compensate for self love deficit!

And remember this – you are never too much and you are always more than enough! So my fellow passengers – here’s to loving us, today and every day❤️

All my love,
Lidija xoxo


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