Popcorn for the Soul – The Myth of Overnight Success

Popcorn for the Soul – The Myth of Overnight Success


Popcorn for the Soul – The Myth of Overnight Success

Progress is not linear. Mastery takes practice, patience, a lot of work! And there is no substitute for patience, grace and flow. Two weeks ago, I had a privilege to speak at the Momentum Portugal event in Lisbon and to be honest, I am still processing the event!!!

That event was a reminder of what happens when you choose you! When you follow your bliss! When you decide to invest in yourself! When you take responsibility for your Now and for your future! When you decide to live your momentum!

2000 people from 18 countries, who came to the event decided to choose themselves! Decided to take their lives into their own hands! Decided to create their Momentum!

You see, we are fed the myth of overnight success, of quick results, and if that really is the case, we would be brushing shoulders with geniuses and masters at every corner…And yet, that is not the case.

Mastery requires commitment, dedication, passion, purpose, and a whole host of accoutrements that lie deep down inside each and every one of us, it’s just most people, seduced by greed and amateurish impatience force things, situations, outcomes, and fall flat…Never really experiencing the joy and fulfilment that continuous progress brings.

So yes, Momentum weekend in Lisbon was surreal! A giant among men made it possible! My gratitude and respect go to Ricardo Mendoza my friend of 14 years, and Momentum Portugal team who put so much love, heart, integrity, passion into this event!

So my friends, if you are currently rushing and pushing and hustling hard, here’s something I’ve learned during the 14 years of owning, running and growing my business :

Life is a crazy journey! Stay on your path! Speak your truth! Be selectively deaf to other people’s opinions! Be unapologetic about your dreams! Be discerning when selecting who you let into your world! Invest in yourself! Rock your authenticity! Hustle with heart! Stop chasing perfection! Trust the timing of your life – time is irrelevant when you are in your flow!

If you encounter the myth that quick and hard are the only way – STOP! BREATHE. CENTRE.

And whatever you do, remember to #hustlegently

Happy Fall Equinox and have a wonderful week ahead!

Grow wealthy and hustle gently!

With love, through love and in love,



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