September Musings

September Musings

Hey superstars!!

Hope you are doing well and are navigating through these interesting times!

Back in July, a giant whose company N2Growth was named in Forbes 2016 List of America’s Best Management Consulting Firms invited me to be a guest on his #IronShaprensIron podcast, I pinched myself, took a deep breath and said YES!

The podcast is out and I am attaching a link for you to listen at your own leisure.

On the podcast we chat all things leadership, entrepreneurship, integrity, authenticity, bullshit with which personal development industry is awash these days, the lack of fresh voices, and of course, the gentle hustle.

We expanded on what you can do to silence the outside noise and go boldly in pursuit of your dreams.
I also spoke on the importance of being exceedingly curious about your life as that will give you clarity and crystallize your WHY, so that you can build your Momentum.

You see, many people want stuff!

They want to grow a business, they want to earn 7 figures, they want to be THE NEXT BIG THING, and yet, they can’t keep a single promise to themselves.

They keep comparing themselves to others.

They keep investing in the same pastel colour filtered ad nauseam palette, curating their social media feeds, desperately trying to be seen for their difference, while at the same time shying away from that which makes them different!


Just because something works for one person, is doesn’t mean that it’ll work for you!

Many go for what’s trending, while forgetting to be the ones setting the trends.

Many oversee the importance of gentle hustle.

Gentle hustle is not based on cheap narrative that is currently trending.It’s based on clarity, integrity, discernment, alignment, deep work, congruency.

A weekend course, an intensive 6 month/year long training does not make a master! Mastery is an ongoing process! It never stops! So my Queens, stop chasing the illusion.

Start with what you have! Start with You! Build yourself first and the business growth will follow.
Spend some time by dropping from your head into your heart and trust.

Anyway, check out the podcast via the link –

I pray that it gives you an insane amount of value! And while you are at it, remember to hustle gently and grow wealthy in all ways – always ❤️



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