Flying high baby! Flying high! What a ride this summer has been! Speaking at the Global Woman in Tirana, to a group of aspiring entrepreneurs about how to grow business globally, something I’ve been doing successfully for over 10 years!

Then back to London to speak at the Business Woman Today Conference and sharing a stage with Lord Kevin Green and the Wealth Dragon John Lee! But Lady Luck wouldn’t let me stay there…

She added a fab VIP event with Tony Buzan – the genius behind Mind Mapping, where I found out I was featured in the editorial and inspiration section of his latest book ‘The Teacher’ (check out the photos)! How thoroughly amazing!

And while I am counting my blessings, I am getting ready for another surprise! This summer I’ve been a darling of He Universe 🙂 – I’ve been SHORTLISTED for the Inspiration Awards for Women 2017 in collaboration with the Global Woman Magazine. Super excited!

And to think that I wasted a bigger part of my life being quiet, letting others tell me what to do, allowing them to compare me with people I had nothing in common with… You know how it is…What you tolerate continues…

So I chose to stop that. I chose to allow myself to be who I am meant to be, to shine, to live and speak my truth! To lead by example, to live authentically, to inspire and be inspired! To live a Momentum Life – every second of every day! And most importantly to hustle gently.

So dear friends, I invite you to join me and step into the world of upgraded experience! I invite you to take your #momentum and embrace the art of hustling gently!

It has brought me many miracles, including this nomination🙏👸🏻😉… Oh, and the awards ceremony takes place in London tomorrow – September 8th!

Love to all, light to all, peace to all!



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