Popcorn for the Soul – See yourself beyond ordinary!

Popcorn for the Soul – See yourself beyond ordinary!

What needs to happen so that you can see yourself beyond ordinary? If you are currently stuck in a rut, feel uninspired, and your favourite phrase is ‘l’ll do it tomorrow!’, take a step back. Break the self-sabotaging thoughts, habits and uncomfortably familiar routine, and go out, run, jog, walk, move your body, get some oxygen in. And once done, sit down and write down all that is silently tormenting you, and connect with it. Where do those thoughts come from? What triggers them? Is the pain of changing bigger than the pain of staying the same and playing small?

Has this pattern of behaviour become your sanctuary? A safe place you keep returning to, when the Universe is calling you to show up, and you are doing everything you can to hide and be invisible?

Sure, I get it, it’s always easy to do what we know, what we’ve mastered, but is it useful? Is it getting us to where we want to be? Is it helping us to live our purpose? Not all that we’ve mastered is necessarily good for us.

Once you’ve done writing, take some inspired action. What can you do that can instantly help you break free. Is there anything you need to start doing that you have been postponing for a while? Do it. Small steps lead to great breakthroughs. Is there anything you need to unlearn maybe? Be done with it. Is there anyone whose help you need, but feel like you don’t deserve it? Go on, ask for help. You’ll be surprised how ready to help people are.

Go back to basics. Become an apprentice again. Experience every moment like you are experiencing it for the very first time. Ignite the wonder within. See yourself in a different light. Break away from what is suffocating you – habits, relationships, jobs. See yourself beyond the ordinary and for the sake of all things wonderful, remember to hustle gently!

Lidija xoxo


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