Popcorn for the Soul — Houses of Parliament Calling…

Popcorn for the Soul — Houses of Parliament Calling…

When I write, I tend to write bestsellers, and when I help co-author a book about migrant women in the UK, who turn struggles into success stores, I get invited to the Houses of Parliament where the said book will have its official launch!

Luck?! Maybe… Hard work?! Totally! Dedication, commitment, persistence – absolutely! But what is even more important are authenticity and integrity and who you are becoming on the way!

And so my dears, I had to endure hours of stories and fairy tales about what success is, and what you should do and what you should avoid. Theories aplenty… Do they work…Sometimes! Very often, they do not and are a total waste of time.

What I know and what I’ve experienced, is that there isn’t just one pattern and one definition of success that fits all.

There is, however, a structure. A structure that you get to create yourself. And for that structure to yield results, you need to know what you want.

For many people, the biggest stumbling block, whether they are starting a business, embarking on a new lifestyle that includes healthy eating and exercise, starting a new relationship, or moving abroad and starting afresh, lies in the fact that they don’t have a strong foundation. They lack intention, vision, the reasons why they want certain things.

I remember my early days in the UK. I was barely 19 years old, and remember stories and advice from well meaning people, who genuinely wanted to help me, but who could not understand my idealistic and romantic view of the world…

‘Stop dreaming! This is England and different rules apply here. This is a whole new ball game. And the sooner you let go of your dreams, the better it is!’

Maybe…For those who consider dreams just as some wild and out of reach concept, and not, like an actual modus vivendi!

I had to follow my star. My dreams. I do not fit in, nor do I conform. I am a sophisticated rebel, and I acknowledge other people’s advice, but am very discerning as to what I accept. I prefer to find my own way, explore, travel the world less traveled.

And I learnt to take advice only from those who actually walk their talk, from those game changers who influence, who know the game and are confident enough to change the rules, so that it becomes a win-win game!

And looking back, my road was paved with obstacles, that I somehow managed to turn into detours; there have been many NOs, that turned out to work in my favour. They all had their purpose.

This road taught me patience, it taught me to focus on my inner resources, it taught me to dig deep within my Soul whenever I needed an answer. This way of being, brought some amazing people my way. It brought some amazing women who turn struggles into successes, who gently push the boundaries united in the shared vision!

Women who understand and who take their role seriously! Women who lead by example! Women who unite! Women who support one another!

Women who lift one another up! The new breed of women – Global women! Proud to be one!

And I am beyond grateful to Mirela Sula for this initiative and for the opportunity to share my story. Needless to say, I look forward to reuniting with her and all these amazing women on Monday, December 11, 2017 in the Houses of Parliament, in London.

So, my lovelies, use this last month of the year to look into your life…Make an inventory…How would you like to show up for life and for all it has to offer in 2018?

If you need an extra support or an extra dose of inspiration, come join me in Belgrade, Serbia, on December 16th, on a day workshop, where together with experts in the field of finance, entrepreneurship, leadership and mindset, we’ll share strategies that can help you step into 2018 fully prepared and ready to seize it!


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