Popcorn for the Soul – The Universe Rewards Authenticity and Commitment

Popcorn for the Soul – The Universe Rewards Authenticity and Commitment

The Universe Rewards Authenticity and Commitment

Award at Houses of Parliament London Lidija M Rosati

certificate of award Lidija M Rosati

Group Photo Lidija M Rosati Houses of Parliament

They say that it is in moments of decision that our destiny is shaped. And mine certainly was 26 years ago, when I took a decision to leave the safety of my home country and follow my dream!

A dream that took me to the Houses Parliament this Monday, where a book ’50 Voices of Migrant Women’ I co-authored and where my story is featured, alongside the stories of some amazing women who took a decision that changed the course of their lives, was launched!

Proud?! Yesss baby!

Excited?! You bet!

Speechless?! No!

As, I’ve only just started talking, as I sure know that the Universe is listening.

And what is even more fascinating is the I got an award for achievement in my career and for contribution as a migrant woman in the UK.

How freaking amazing is that?!

I am super hounoured to say that the award was presented to me by Seema Malhotra, MP and Mirela Sula, the founder of Global Woman.

This shows that commitment, authenticity and hard work pay off.

Follow your star, my lovelies. And use these last days of December to set a clear intention for yourself and your community for 2018 and beyond.

What do you expect from yourself in 2018? What will you no longer tolerate? What new changes will you introduce into your life?

Spend sometime with yourself and dedicate your time and your whole self to your dreams, your ideas, your intentions.

And instead of just visualising the end result, do the following – feel
all the feelings that you connect to that end result. Feel them fully. Associate into them.

Fully immerse yourself and feel all that you will feel once you achieve that what you intend for yourself.

What does a person you want to become feel on a regular basis? What feelings do they wake up with and what feelings do the go to bed with?

Feel those feelings! Bathe in them. Engage fully. And remember that cells have memory. The more you feed them the good stuff, the more they’ll remember to reward you with the good stuff.

And I get it…It’s not always easy to do this, and it’s not always fun to do it on your own.

That’s why I’ve prepared a workshop that I am running with 4 international speakers in Belgrade Serbia this coming weekend.

Come join us if your intention is to step into 2018 fully prepared and ready!

I look forward to seeing you there!

In service and in gratitude.

All my love,




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