Popcorn For The Soul – [With Guided Meditation] Who Is Snacking on Your Energy

Popcorn For The Soul – [With Guided Meditation] Who Is Snacking on Your Energy


Who Is Snacking On Your Energy

A dear friend had a dream, and me in it! In that dream we were looking for an apartment to suit my needs and when we found one with a great position, it turned out that it was too small for my liking and it was packed with other people’s crap.

Wow! This totally resonated and got me thinking… Isn’t it the case in real life?!

It’s never the location, nor is it the actual space, but the fact that we allow other, uninvited, dragging, toxic elements to occupy that beautiful place that we inhabit.

Hands up those of you who, out of fear of being alone, compromise your space and allow others to squat in it?!

I used to do it. I used to allow all sorts of lowlives to snack on my energy, to occupy more space that they deserved, I used to give give give until I started suffocating in my own space and until it became too small and too crowded.

The door was always open and there was no gate, no boundaries, no keys! Which resulted in me weighing 102.6kg!!!

So listen up y’all! Time to take full possession of your space! Time to set clear boundaries.

When I cleared my inner space, and set clear boundaries, along with a host of other stuff that had to go, I reclaimed my power back and my ideal weight! I. Ow weigh 58kg, and enjoy being the sole owner of my energy space!

Time to start taking the junk out, taking other people’s unwanted energies, put of your space. It is time to remove cords, review Soul Contracts, and start moving on.

Start learning to live with just your energies, clear your inner space so that the Universe can recognise your unique vibration, your unique energetic address.

Also consider clearing your living space, wardrobes, pantries, drawers…Your home is your sanctuary, and as such it has to match the right vibration. Whose energies are having a rave in your wardrobe that is affecting your sleep, health, energy levels?

That shirt you got from a friend/lover that is no longer in your life, and that you occasionally put on and every time you wear it, you feel iffy, will have to go! I know a great energy Ninja who does miracles with wardrobes and living spaces! She doesn’t just change stuff around, she transforms it energetically! So you start living in tune with your vibration!

Remember, when you are taking energy squatters out of your space, you need to take them from every nook and cranny, no stone must be left unturned.

Get into the habit of checking with your intuition with your higher self the energies around you. The presence of certain people… How do you feel when you are around them, and most importantly how do you feel after you leave them!

Even those who seemingly make you feel great, are super chirrupy and positive, can be the biggest energy squatters ever.

Start being discerning and more careful with who you give your energy too and who you allow to occupy your space.

Here is a little guided meditation I prepared for you!

Sage the space, get a candle going, light an incense stick, or whatever works for you!

Lie down or just lean back, take a few deep breaths in and on the out breath set an intention to breath out all that is stale, toxic and has come uninvited into your energy space.

Then, if you so please, invite the wisdom keepers, guardians, the invisible elders, God, Angels, Archangels, Your Higher Self, or whomever you like to jam with.

Then direct your awareness to your whole being, from your feet to your head, to your whole energy field…

And ask the energies you are working with to guide you to a place where your space has been taken over by other people. Hijacked. Gently ask for those unwanted energies to leave your space, remove the cords, review Soul Contracts, and always with the intention of returning them with love and to love. Repeat this as long as you feel is needed, and when done, invoke the Divine light to fill your whole being and your energy field with light, ease, peace, certainty and love.

Ask that you are always divinely guided, loved, supported and protected.

Give thanks and open your eyes when you are ready, and remember to drink a glass or two of water 🙂.

Sending you oceans of love and remember to look after your space and to hustle gently!

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