Hustle With Ease

Hustle With Ease

Do not be swayed by the outside noise. Go within. Listen to yourself. And this has pretty much been my mantra for most of my adult life.

I learnt that whatever I wanted to get, achieve, have, I had to hustle. Roll up my sleeves and take action. It wasn’t always easy.

I had to listen and put up with a lot of crap…But as with most things in my life, I put up with crap with aplomb! I had many years of practice 🙂 !

Anyway, two months have passed by since I submitted the manuscript of my book to the publisher and it took some time get used to being an author…At the time of submitting the manuscript, little did I know that I shall soon become the bestselling author.

To be precise: #1 Bestselling Amazon Author: Gaining While Losing – The Gentle Art of Transformation! Oh yeahhhh! Friday, January 27th will go down in my personal history as the day I finally arrived. Arrived where I always knew I’d eventually arrive.

On the Amazon bestselling list! Hurrah for me, and for all those who stood by me and who supported me. Thank you! I love you! Good things take time, and so did writing this book. I wanted to write from pure experience.

From life. From living that what I am writing about. I didn’t want to write just another tractate on personal development, I wanted to test, inside out, all that has worked for me and my clients, all that has over time proven to be effective, elegant and achieved with effortless ease. Yes, results with effortless ease. With gentle hustle. – Yeah, that’s me, baby!

That’s how I rock! Hustling with ease 🙂 Ease. Grace. The game of gaining while losing meant getting rid and letting go of all that was stale, stagnant, old, heavy…be it clothes, things, people, so-called friendships…All that was no longer a win-win had to go.

Hours spent in meditation, energy clearing, weaving, returning myself to myself, chanting, healing, cutting ties, de-cluttering, resulted in this beautiful state. This beautiful feeling that I can only describe as epic. Epic living! And what I went through over the past year or so, is not just a slight change, but a total transformation. Transformation in mind body and spirit. The whole package.

You see, change is loud, brash, extrovert. It is a flash in the pan that very often gives only a superficial instant satisfaction and when the novelty of it wears off, you are back to square one. Only more disappointed and frustrated, depleted of energy and resources.

Transformation, on the other hand is quiet, subtle on the outside, perceived as timid and introvert, yet when it happens, it moves mountains, it is the force to be reckoned with. It wakes you, empowers you and helps you reach the depth of your inner wisdom, truth, power. It is sacred. And here I am, a year later transformed. Appearing the same, yet profoundly different (#minus44kgs #PlusOceanOfLightnessAndCreativeFlow); vulnerable, yet strong beyond belief; open, yet very guarded and with healthy boundaries.

So, my message to you is simple: listen to yourself. Be resilient to outside influences. Be bold. Be brave. Be committed. Be devoted. Believe. Be a game changer. Be playfully curious in creating your destiny.

And enjoy. Endlessly. Whatever you decide to do with your life, the Universe will support your B.S.* (*Belief System of BullShit, whatever school of thought you happen to subscribe to 😉 ) You are the creator, and it is entirely up to you whether it will be ‘…one day’ or ‘…day one’.

You decide!

Sending you big love, Lidija


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